Parish Survey

Please complete the survey below and return it to Fr De Rosa at the Rectory, either in hard copy or by email (  Please include your name and contact information.

  • What are our parish’s greatest strengths?  In what areas do we need to get stronger in order to grow?
  • What do you think we should do to re-introduce our parish to the neighborhood (Twinning, Hillcrest,  Southeast generally)?
  • Are there any outlets (community bulletin boards, email lists, publications) where we could effectively advertise our presence here in SE DC?
  • What do you think of the parish’s schedule of weekend masses, confessions, devotions?  Are there any schedule adjustments you’d recommend to attract more of our neighbors to attend mass?
  • Our regular daily mass is celebrated at 9am… if we were to change the morning schedule, would you be more likely to attend a daily mass?  What time would be best for you to attend daily mass (early morning? midday? after work?)
  • As they relate to growing our parish, what do you think of our parish groups (Sodality, Holy Name Soc, Knights of Columbus)?
  • Do you have any recommendations for our parish’s educational programming?
  • Is there anything you’d recommend we do regarding administration in the Rectory Office that could help us grow our parish?
  • Is there anyone you know in our neighborhood (sick, home-bound, in need) who could benefit from a visit or call from a priest/deacon?
  • Is there anyone you know in your family / in our neighborhood who needs to receive a sacrament (baptism, confirmation, sacramental marriage, annulment)?
  • What are you interested in doing to help implement your recommendations for Parish growth?

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