Becoming Catholic


Everyone is welcome to worship God as they are able at St. Francis Xavier.  The fullest and most exciting way to do that is through active membership in the Roman Catholic Church.  If you were born Catholic but have fallen away from the active practice of your faith, or if you are coming to us from another Christian congregation, or if you have no Christian background at all, we’re happy to listen, talk and answer whatever questions you might have about Catholicism.   The Church founded by Christ and handed on through an unbroken line of Apostles and their successors -the bishops- is a loving mother to all, and her life is the surest root to the love, mercy and salvation Christ desires for each of us.  Feel free to reach out to any of our parishioners or to contact Fr. De Rosa directly (  202.582.5021).  Until then, we love you and are praying for your happiness.